Sefine Shipyard Is Becoming The Most Preferred Shipyard Of Turkey

Sefine Shipyard, which is one of the most profitable shipyards in 2017 on the global shipbuilding market rates, renewed its confidence with 5 new construction projects.

The First Ferry Of The Mediterranean Which Runs With Lng

Sefine Shipyard continues for his ship constructions in a global scale in top speed, who leads for the development of the sector thanks to its strong technological infrastructure, got a place within the most active shipyards in Turkey

Sefine Shipyard is expanding its production area

Focusing on the sector leader, Sefine Shipyard aims to double the production area established in Yalova to 140,000 square meters by the end of 2020.

Sefine Shipyard employees are saving lives with blood donation

Sefine Shipyard, which was established in Yalova's shipbuilding area in 2005 and has the largest pool volume of the region, does not slow down its social responsibility activities which are of great importance.

Double Award for Sefine Shipyard

Sefine Shipyard, which was established in 2005 in Yalova's shipbuilding area and has the largest pool volume of the region, continues to receive the fruit of successful works carried out in the sector.

Recommendation Of The Center Advisory Committee For Sector's Development From Sefine Shipyard

In recent years, particularly with the successful new building deliveries made to Norway and other European countries, it is among the most active shipyard of Turkey

The New Ornament Of Sefine Shipyard ‘’The Un Marmara’’

Sefine Shipyard who proceeds to be a trademark in the ship at the maintenance and repair area, hosted his first ship at his new floating pool which is repaired and maintained.

Sefine Shipyard Workers Celebrated The New Year

Sefine Shipyard, who got very much told about himself in the sector, has gathered all its employees with an organization in celebrating the new year where they saved morale and power for 2018.