Sefine Shipyard, who got very much told about himself in the sector, has gathered all its employees with an organization in celebrating the new year where they saved morale and power for 2018.

Sefine Shipyard who catched in 2018 a rapid growth, both in the shipbuilding industry and ship maintenance sector, celebrated this success with his employees together. Employees who stressed a busy year, celebrated the new year with a pleasant music concert and delicious meals. While they left the year 2017 behind, they found surprise gift holders in each other's draw in the Sefine Family.

The Chief Executives of Sefine expressed their confidence that success will increase in the new year with increased motivation and productivity while they were celebrating the new year of all employees. With the synergy created by the management team and employees of Sefine family, they said that they will continue to contribute to the development of the company.

The employees who joined together with the enthusiasm of 2017 year filled with successes had the opportunity to share their wishes for the new year with their managers. In addition, the company's current status and future goals were effectively communicated to employees.           

The event, which supported the solidarity of unity and solidarity, was a new motivation for the Sefine Shipyard.