In recent years, particularly with the successful new building deliveries made to Norway and other European countries, it is among the most active shipyard of Turkey in this field and thanks to the strong technological infrastructure in guiding the development of the sector Sefine Shipyard, in almost every organization which brought together the sector under one roof successfully continues to take place.

Known as the first and the last of the shipyard in this context Sefine took part in the workshop entitled '' Future Technologies in the Merchant Marine ship, '' in Turkey, organized by the Koç University Maritime Forum,.

Board of Directors Advisor Süleyman Akın Tuzcuoğlu hosted the organization on January 24 at Teknopark / Kurtköy, on behalf of Sefine Shipyard, while Tuzcuoğlu presented that important recommendations have been shared on behalf of the development of the shipyard industry in our country.

Speaking at the first session of the day-long workshop, Tuzcuoğlu talked about the advantages of using technology in the shipyard industry, where there is intense competition in the session titled "Technological Approaches Required for Competitiveness in Shipbuilding Sector".

Formations such as Teknopark can be strengthened

Competition in the shipyard sector is based on the production of the project ordered by the shipyard in the required time and quality with minimum cost. "It is necessary to make these jobs at the desired time and quality to make them at low costs. When we look at the past of Turkish shipyards, we have come to a level that we have given up to now. The cost is mostly determined by the market cost. A central R&D organization should be established to produce solutions. Everyone is installing the R&D system in their shipyard, but this is generally done to reduce costs. Strategies should be developed and cooperated in order to enter among the countries of the advanced level. For example, it is necessary to improve the processes by providing the contributions of people working in the industry such as Technopark. For the elements like Teknopark, we can get consultation from Korea or Japan and this cooperation can be carried out. "

University-industry cooperation should be increased

Tuzcuoğlu, who lists the elements affecting the financials in the sector as project management, general expenses, workmanship, materials, equipment and systems, stated that the industry-university business union is not in the desired level now and said that this should be further developed.


Tuzcuoglu, "the element of thinking in universities, should come from the industry. In addition, strong financial institutions should be encouraged to enter these businesses. It must be made attractive for him. In addition, the reduction of the bureaucracy for government support can provide significant benefits. In addition, project management is very important. For this, the education factor stands out. In our country, industry needs to coexist. For example, shipyards, ship gives 4-5 years in Turkey, in Korea this number is 95, because there is standardization and synergies. We must increase this union in our country ".


On the other hand, it is aimed to contribute to the coordination and cooperation among the institutions and stakeholders through the workshop organized and to shed light on the vision of the maritime industry in the 21st century in our country.

Recommendation Of The Center Advisory Committee For Sector’s Development From Sefine Shipyard