Sefine Shipyard, which is one of the most profitable shipyards in 2017 on the global shipbuilding market rates, renewed its confidence with 5 new construction projects.

Fjord1 , the biggest ferry operator in Norway, chose Sefine Shipyard for building  three new generation hybrid powered ferries. Regarding to Sefine Shipyard’s experience on newbuilding of over 100 meters ferries such as two 143 meters long ferries built for Norwegian ferry operator Basto Fosen and two 114 meters long ferries built for the Estonian Port Authority-Port of Tallinn named TIIU and LEIGER, these three ferries will be delivered in about two years with high workmanship quality. Completed and ongoing ferry projects ensure that Sefine Shipyard is a trusted company in the North European ferry market.
Sefine Shipyard was also preferred for two live fish carriers in 2017 by a non-announced Norwegian fishing company. Signed two optional live fish carriers’ building contract in 2018 shows that Sefine

Shipyard expanded customer loyalty with workmanship quality and prices.
Sefine Shipyard stepped into the Italian market in 2016.  Shipyard signed a contract with one of the biggest ferry operators in Italy, Caronte&Tourist Spa. Regarding to the contract Sefine Shipyard is proud to be the builder of the first LNG  powered ferry which will cruise in the Mediterranean Sea.
Sefine Shipyard continues to work with innovative, futuristic and eco-friendly projects aiming to leave a clean world for future generations.
Sefine Shipyard Is Becoming The Most Preferred Shipyard Of Turkey