Sefine Shipyard continues for his ship constructions in a global scale in top speed, who leads for the development of the sector thanks to its strong technological infrastructure, got a place within the most active shipyards in Turkey in the last years, because of its successful new deliveries to the European countries, especially to Norway.


M / F Elio, built by Sefine Shipyard for Italian Caronte & Tourist SPA, was launched with a ceremony held at Sefine Shipyard. The ceremonies were attended by Caronte & Tourist SPA officials and employees of the Sefine Shipyard.

Süleyman Akın Tuzcuoğlu, the advisor to the Board of Directors stated that the ferry produced has a capacity of 1500 passengers, 290 cars and 35 heavy vehicles with a length of 133.60 meters and a width of 22 meters and hat the ferry was produced by providing the priority of "low fuel consumption"

We will continue to produce

M / F Elio, which carries the title to be the first LNG fuel running ship to cruise in the Mediterranean, was the first export project to Italy by Sefine Shipyard, which focuses on environmentally friendly projects. Akın Tuzcuoğlu emphasized that Rolls-Royce is preferred as the propulsion system for waters equipped with Wartsila main engines and emphasized that Sefine Shipyard will be a great example of a mission to leave a clean world to future generations with M / F Elio, which uses low emission systems.

We, Tuzcuoğlu Sefine Shipyard, continue to produce in line with orders coming from all over the world. This ship which we promised to deliver in 2018, met with success because of our meticulous studies. We are delighted that we have made delivery at the requested quality and time. We intend to continue manufacturing and creating added value in the process we entered with an intensive tempo in 2018 ".

The First Ferry Of The Mediterranean Which Runs With Lng
The First Ferry Of The Mediterranean Which Runs With Lng