Exceeding the EXPECTATION!

With a total production area of 140,000 m2 Sefine is one of the BIGGEST yard located in Altinova.

Our unique facilities, extensive docks and gravy dock supported by our engineering capabilities offer our clients "one-stop" Comprehensive Service, whether it concerns normal dry dockings for scheduled maintenance, damage repair or extensive refit and conversion jobs.

The biggest Graving dock of Altinova served by a tower crane with 3,2 ton lifting capacity at 60 meters outreach; with two additional Jib Cranes of 40 ton on both sides. Unique design floating gates allows ballasting/de-ballasting within 10 hours. We are the fasted when the subject is Hull Treatment works. With 1 x 160Kw, 3 x 250 Kw, 1 x 315 Kw Atlas Copco compressors we are able to give 50 nozzle’s for grit blasting works.


282 m length x 47 m beam – Up to Aframax size vessel capacity.


240 m length x 42 m beam – Up to Post panamax size vessel capacity.


5 pcs - Total 1800 m length – 12 ships capacity – Avarage depth is 8 meters.